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Pumpout Stations

Boaters, perhaps more than many others, are aware of and concerned about the health of our coastal waters. While not a major source of pollution, boaters can contribute to the problem, especially in enclosed shallow embayments where boats tend to congregate.

The potential for pollution from boaters sewage discharges is of particular concern as this waste may contain disease-causing bacteria and viruses that can contaminate shellfish beds and swimming areas.

The Town of Huntington and private marine facilities provide and maintain sanitary waste (MSD) pumpout stations convenient to all boaters. In addition, the town provides a mobile sanitary waste pumpout vessel available to both resident and transient boaters.

By following simple, sound environmental practices we can help keep our harbors and waterways clean and healthy

Heads, Holdings, Tanks & Pump-Outs

1. Install holding tanks and use them.
2. Examine the head for leaks, improper fittings proper installations and venting.
3. Use shoreside facilities or keep a portable toilet on board for use while in harbors.
4. Check educational materials and cruising guides for location of pump-out and use them regularly for MSD's and portable toilets.

Note: Depths are reported at MLW. As conditions can change, use caution and call ahead to check information. For assistance, Contact on VHF Channels as listed.
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